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Dance foundation


The main course materials in the center involve the most authoritative and professional ballet courses in China and abroad.

  • 澳洲联邦舞蹈协会(CSTD)芭蕾舞课程
  • 英国皇家舞蹈学院(RAD)芭蕾舞课程
Junior Ballet Courses
  • Pre-Ballet (启蒙)
  • Primary (初级)
  • Grade1 - Grade6
Adult Ballet Courses


Royal Academy of Dance

Abbreviations : RAD



Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing

Abbreviations :

It is a large international dance organization, founded in 1933 and established over 87 years. The grade examination standards are widely recognized and respected in the international dance community. The certificate is a bonus point for admission to high schools or universities for many countries in Europe and America. It is recognized by more than 90 countries such as the United States, Australia and Canada. The course covers various types of dance, which can bring out the students' personal potential and enhance their interest in dance, thus promoting the development of the art of dance and improving the inner artistic and cultural quality.

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  • Junior Courses
  • Adult Courses
  • Teaching object: 3.5-4 years old

    The courses for this age group focuses on enhancing the child's interest in ballet, which is developed in the form of "dance games" to guide the children to play different roles according to different story lines, stimulate their imagination and create a lively classroom atmosphere. Simple and basic ballet muscle stretches to properly align the muscular alignment of the child's legs and improve improper posture.

  • Teaching object: 4-5 years old

    The courses for this age group focuses on deepening the child's ballet awareness, strengthening the child's basic skills of "opening, tensing, standing and straightening", as well as the control of specific body parts. Students' physical coordination, endurance, creativity, expressiveness and musicality are also developed through the use of various sounds and musical styles. Professional courses and international examinations are set up by CSTD international Classical Ballet.

  • Teaching object: 6-16 years old

    Grade courses provides a professional, comprehensive, and extensive ballet education that builds students' skills, musicality, and performance in a step-by-step manner. The content covers three aspects of classical ballet, freestyle and character dance. Suitable for students at 6 years and older who have some foundation in learning. It is designed for students who want to learn dance as an artistic discipline and increase their personal knowledge. In addition to completing CSTD international Classical Ballet combinations independently, students must also be able to correspond to and speak ballet terminology correctly in both English and Chinese, so that they can easily master English, and the teaching of ballet terminology is emphasized.

4E Teaching Concept

    Through the dance to express their feelings, and music into the perfect dance action.

    No matter in the classroom / examination or stage performance, teachers will teach students according to their aptitude and encourage them to have confidence and courage to move forward and give full play to their strengths.

    Through the study of basic dance steps and postures, we can strengthen the use and coordination of the body. Besides expressing feelings, we can acquire the knowledge of the surrounding areas through dancing, and we can also communicate and cooperate with others.

    Through systematic and diversified training, you will not only dance with the music, but also express yourself with your body. The sense of achievement can make learning easier and more enjoyable.
Adult customized Ballet Course

The balance of the body and the stretching of the movements will stretch the ligaments of the extremities and make the muscles slender and taut, which will help to correct the improper posture and create an elegantly upright posture. Nowadays, many office ladies are sitting down to work, rarely exercise and are prone to gain weight.

Ballet has a number of basic movements that are good for the back of the shoulders and arms, especially for office ladies to improve their shape and loosen the shoulders and back. A girl practicing ballet does not necessarily have a beautiful face, but have an inexorable elegance, composure and elegance from the inside out.

Ballet course of "dancing with the Royal"

Principal dancer of The Royal Ballet Laura Morera

From April 2020,Danceplus Ballet School and Odette Ballet Art Center launch England Dance Tours ballet course of "dancing with the Royal" ,directed by the principal dancer of the Royal Ballet. The course provide top level ballet learning platform for Chinese ballet professional dancers, instructors and amateurs.Let us have more opportunities to contact the world's top ballet dancers, and truly feel the pure ballet.

PBT亚洲导师 Priscilla Law

2019PBT(进阶芭蕾技巧)教师培训杭州场在寰宇中心开展,来自全国各地的芭蕾专业教师来到杭州参加培训,亚洲导师Priscilla Law(图左数第3位)负责传授和培训,围绕如何和为什么做芭蕾动作,介绍合适的联系来介绍芭蕾基础,
Student participate in Global Dance Challenge,directed by renowned Shanghai ballet educator Lin Meifang (Tan Yuan Yuan's instructor)
Student participate in Star of Canaan Dance Ineternational Ballet Competition,take photograph with the judges of the competition--the first Asian woman to enter the Royal Academy of British Ballet, Zhang Tian Ai.
Lin Meiying, the honorary dancer of the National Theatre's "Star of Tomorrow", came to the center to guide students to practice, and the teachers were organized to observe and learn.